By knittykittybangbang November 22, 2012 4:39:00 PM UTC

The first Christmas Crafts Night held this year went so well! I am so pleased! Everyone had a great time (or so they told me anyway) and I certainly enjoyed myself.

I have set up another for 5th December in Stonehaven, if you're interested in coming along you can book through the shop section of the website :)

By knittykittybangbang November 8, 2012 6:59:00 PM UTC

Love knittykittybangbang jewellery?

Why not get some mates together and have a knittykittybangbang jewellery party?!

As the host you will get a generous 10% of the total sales from your party to spend on ANY knittykittybangbang goods, including classes.

If you would like to host a party, please get in touch with us on

By knittykittybangbang November 4, 2012 7:12:00 AM UTC

Knittykittybangbang will be at Luthermuir Craft and Gift Fair, 12-4, Luthermuir Hall, today 4th November.

Jewellery and knitwear will be available as well as 10% off all classes FOR TODAY ONLY!

By knittykittybangbang October 25, 2012 11:36:00 AM UTC

Knittykittybangbang was started as a part time venture in 2010 by Carolyn Anderson (now Carolyn Anderson Shepherd) so she could do the things she loves - textile design and crafts. After becoming disenchanted with her stressful day job Carolyn decided to make what she loves her full time occupation, dragging her husband, award winning painter Craig Shepherd (, along for the ride!

Carolyn has a long history of design, selling jewellery and painted glass as a teenager, and working for several years for designer textile company Tait and Style at a time when they were working with designers such as Fredie Robins, Conran, Marithé and François Girbaud, Commes des Garçons, John Galliano, Dior, Shirin Guild, Givenchy, Kenzo and John Rocha.

Carolyn is largely self taught but has received formal training in textiles and fashion from Aberdeen College and UHI, and in 2008 was accepted as a direct entry into 2nd year textiles at Grays School of Art, but after much consideration decided not to accept her place.

Carolyn takes much of her influence from fine art (she studied art history at Aberdeen University from 200-2004), science, tradition and the world around her. She greatly admires the work of Alexander McQueen and her husband, Craig.